How To Juggle Work, School, & Focus On What You Love Without Losing Your Mind

Baby Girl, Focus.


Feeling like giving up?
Questioning if you took too much on?
Wondering if you can do it all?

With the semester in full swing, I thought it would be beneficial to speak on how life can seem so chaotic sometimes, and we may be faced with the possibility of wanting to give up on something, or multiple things.

I've been there. I almost quit my blog. I've failed classes in the past. I've failed at jobs. It's not easy doing it all.

Let's be real, I can't even imagine being a mom on top of this (I know friends that are in my position with kids, bless their hearts). However, I have found that by following some simple rules, it goes a long way.

But before I get to my list... here's an example of what a typical week looks like for me:

Work: 40 hours a week
School: 2 classes, 4 credits ea. - 8 credits total = 24 hours a week
Blog: 2-3 hours a day ~ 16 hours a week
Gym: 1-2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week ~ 9 hours a week
Sleep: 8 hours a night = 56 hours a week

1 week = 168 hours

So far I'm at 145 hours out of 168.

And that's not putting into account the minutes it takes to clean, shower, do chores, drive, spending time with family/friends, etc.

I struggled with getting into my own groove for years before finding a happy medium between what I need to do, want to do, and have to do. Here's what helps me get through my hectic schedule:

Get a planner

Planners are essential for staying on track.
If you're more of a mobile person, then utilize your calendar app, or look into task tracking apps like Wunderlist.

Don't over book

I'm guilty of this 100%. Trying to make time for everyone is an art form, I'll admit to that.
Not something I've acquired to but working on it...
My advice for when you do?
Be honest with yourself and with whomever you're making plans with.
If they're good people then they should understand.

Give yourself a break

Feeling burnt out is REAL.
Students, parents, workaholics...
We've all experienced this at least once or twice in our lifetime.
Take naps when you can.
Go to bed early when you can.
Rest as much as possible.

If you feel up for it, go for it

Sometimes I want to go to the gym, and other times I want to skip and work on my blog.
Or somedays I want to skip going out and work on homework...
Or (usually) the complete opposite of that.
Instead of making myself feel bad for my decisions, I try a more positive approach.
By planning out the following days to compensate the previous.


Simple. Or is it? Prioritizing gets trickier as we get older and our lives become more hectic.
An example: you have a test to study for, but your cousin's birthday is the same day you should be studying.
To go, or not to go? Or go, but only for a bit?
These situations can make your head spin but by prioritizing days, even weeks in advance will help you in the long run.
*Refer to the first mentioned

Don't give up

"Remember why you started." This quote goes for everything. Your health goals, self-goals, work goals, etc.
Remember why you started and work at that sh*t every. damn. day.

Create a list of goals

When I was in Taekwondo my dad used to make me write down immediate, short-term, and long-term goals. [I.e. Immediate: Stretch until I can do a full split, short-term: Pass my test and reach next belt ranking, long-term: become state champion] I've adapted that same practice and use it today, I write out a goal for everything I want to work on.

Check those goals off

The trick to sticking with your goals is to track them and check them off!
Once you start to see progress, it should motivate you to keep going.

Stick to your schedule

This is pretty self explanatory :)

M O S T  I M P O R T A N T L Y...

Treat yourself

Study hard and pass a test? Treat yourself.
Worked overtime for 5 days straight? Treat yourself.
Scored that collaboration with a brand you love? Treat yourself.
Got your kids to go to bed at the same time and at a decent hour? Treat yourself.
Went to the gym 4 days a row and ate clean all week? TREAT YOURSELF.

Now, I don't mean treat yourself to 15 cocktails and a whole pizza.
I mean, the pizza I won't judge you for...
The best treat to me is a getaway, but whatever floats your boat & keeps you motivated!


How do you stay focused on your goals? Any tricks or tips? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,