a new favorite to add to your skin care routine: vitamin sea facial from SEVEN skin + beauty loft


I'm giving all the details about my Vitamin Sea Facial with Ashley Stewart, Owner of Seven Skin & Beauty Loft! If you've ever been curious about getting a facial, or would like to try something new, keep on reading!


Seeing that I've never gotten a facial before (not even a massage lol), I was a little anxious because I really had no idea what to expect....

I kept asking myself:
Do I go in wearing any makeup?
Do I shower beforehand?
What am I supposed to wear?
Is there anything I need to do prior to getting it?

With a quick search on google and a little determination to get over my anxious tendencies, I decided to wear a tube top, sweatpants, my vans, no makeup, dirty hair, and chug a bottle of water prior to getting there. *If you go wearing makeup because of prior engagements, don't worry! Ashley's gotcha covered.



The studio is located in the Sola Salons located off of Oceanside Blvd. The concept of the building is super cool because it's multiple businesses that work independently amongst each other... but I guess you really just have to walk in to catch my drift lol.

Once you walk into Sola, you make a right and Seven is conveniently studio #7. I have to note that the way Ashley decorates her studio is awesome! You instantly get "zen vibes" when you walk in, consisting of calming music, candles, an essential oil diffuser, amongst other elements that give you a genuine spa feeling.

She had me fill out a questionnaire asking about skin type, allergies, strength of massage (light, medium, deep), and your goal for the treatment you're getting done. My goal was to have smoother skin and let me tell you, as I'm typing this now, my skin still feels like a baby's bottom.

*If you have any questions or concerns about what you're getting done, or if you have no idea what you should get done, Ashley can answer all of your questions, give you recommendations and help you sort through this process. She gives you the confidence of knowing you're in good hands!*

As an added bonus... when you make a facial massage appointment with her, she's not only targeting your face, but she also gives you a relaxing massage around your neck, shoulders, and arms. I'm not joking when I say you are getting the royal treatment with her! 



Ashley has been working in the spa industry for over 11 years! She's honestly superwoman... a mom of 2, wife, she's studied film, makeup, she's worked for doctors and spas. Fast forward to now where she finally has her own space and freedom to do what she loves the most - making people feel great about themselves. (And the Vitamin Sea treatment will do just that!)

The treatment I received involves the following products:

1. Skin Script Rx (only sold to esthetician) seaweed mask - used to to hydrate and plump the skin.
2. SheaMoisture Oil (can be purchased at Target) - used to break down makeup and dirt on the skin.
3. Bioelements Quick Refiner - a mixture of glycolic acid and enzymes that exfoliate the skin.

The all over massage techniques that she uses help bring blood flow and oxygen to the surface which stimulates collagen and detoxifies the skin.

The treatment is a total of 50 amazing minutes and I couldn't be happier with my results. My skin feels fuller, brighter, less wrinkled, and overall more healthy than prior to my visit. It's actually pretty concerning - me being such a skincare advocate - that I haven't done one sooner. (Ugh!)

Be sure to check out her website where she talks more about her experience and treatments offered and view her Yelp page to see other happy customer experiences!



If you're in love with skincare or want to become more serious about your routine, it's hard to deny that getting a facial once or twice a month is really beneficial in multiple ways. Getting facials, according to several sites, helps with the following:

1. A professional is helping you with your skin goals! (Biggest plus)
2. Cleanses & detoxifies skin
3. Fights the aging process
4. Instant results
5. Alleviates stress
6. Some things cannot be done simply via DIY.

After getting one and now seeing better results on top of my skincare routine, I think it's safe to say I'm hooked and looking forward to my next visit! Without a doubt I definitely recommend seeing Ashely for your skincare needs and do yourself a favor; treat yourself to a facial ASAP!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience and a special thank you to Ashley for having me!