my favorite booty builder workout

Want a bigger booty & defined thighs by Summer 2018?

Check out my routine below






Work at a desk job? Go to school (either on campus or online)? Then you're probably like me, sitting way more than I'd typically like to. Which ultimately contributes to losing leg muscles and booty gains pretty quickly. Trust me, I used to never have a butt growing up. I can recall my mom making fun of me for being "flat as a pancake." So when I started working out my main goal was to get a 🍑 asap.

Over the years I've tried different variations of workouts to increase the muscles in my legs and glutes but this has to be my favorite routine & it's helped me reach my goals. This is something that you can easily incorporate into your workout routine and modify to your liking. I do have to add that I prefer to workout legs 2-3x a week due to how sedentary I can be. But like I said, try it out and decide for yourself! I started seeing results in a little as two weeks :)

if you'd be interested in seeing a workout video to this routine, leave a comment below.


HIIT ft. Stairmaster

This machine will  be your new best friend (whether you like it or not) because this is what molds your legs and glutes and maintains them too!

20 Minute Workout:
Step 1) Level 8 - Warm Up - 2 minutes
Step 2) Level 10 - Up Heart Rate - 5 minutes
Step 3) Level 12-14 - High Intensity - 5 minutes
Step 4) Level 8 - Lower Heart Rate - 2 minutes
Step 5) Level 10 - Up Heart Rate - 4 minutes
Step 6) Level 12-14 - High Intensity - 1 minute
Step 7) Cool Down - 1 minute

a. Thrown on bands from Steps 1-2, 4-5.
b. Use Sweet Sweat Cream + Waist Belt (Pictured below)

End Results Should Be:
Total floors climbed: 90-115
Calories Burned: 275+


Smith Machine

Kick Backs - 3x15
Sumo Squats - 3x15

Squat Rack

Conventional Squats - 3x15
Romanian Deadlifts - 3x15

Leg Press

Burn Out Routine:
(Example of my routine)
a) 2 plates on ea. side (180 lbs.) 10-12 reps
b) 1 plate and 1 25lb. on ea. side (140 lbs.) 10-12 reps
c) 1 plate on ea. side (90 lbs.) as many reps as you can

Leg Extension

Burn Out Routine:
a) 55 lbs. 10-12 reps
b) 70 lbs. 10-12 reps
c) 55 lbs. 10-12 reps
d) 40 lbs. as many reps as you can

Hamstring Curls

Burn Out Routine:
a) 30 lbs. 8-10 reps
b) 40 lbs. 8-10 reps
c) 30 lbs. as many reps as you can

*I like to go lower in weight for hamstrings because I like to use slow, controlled reps (count to 5 when you curl and release).


a) On the floor with both feet pressed firmly on the ground 10-12 reps
b) Single legged bridges 10-12 reps
c) Using a yoga ball and bands - back on the yoga ball, forcing legs outward as you lift your butt off the ground 10-12 reps


Thanks! Xo