ultimate holiday gift guide 2017

We have less than 3 weeks until Christmas, people!

Anyone else panicking? No? Just me?

I'm freaking out because I'm leaving for Pittsburgh in 10 days and I always seem to wait until last minute to get everyone gifts... why am I like this?

Anyways! If you're running out of ideas, need something really unique, or just don't have a clue what to get your friends & family this year... don't worry, I gotcha covered!

Click the images below to view the link & voila! You might just be named best gift giver of 2017. Maybe... you never know... (if you do, better gimme kudos).

Pst... a lot of these are on sale.

Hope you enjoy & happy shopping, loves!

For the Party Animal

For the Newlyweds

For the Quirky Collector

For the Boho Lover

For the Person Who Has Everything

for the tech lover

For the Health Nut

For the beauty addict