Martini's Last Call - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

My best friend's getting married!

Fortunately for us, that meant Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for her bachelorette!

Now before I go into details I do have to give credit to Jess, Angie, Ally, Ashley, Paige and Nikki (the bride) for these pictures, I didn't take all of these. - Looking back on all of the moments, I had the time of my life. I couldn't thank these girls enough for all being so awesome and making this trip unforgettable. A big shout out to Natalie as well for making us life saver kits - they came in handy almost every day! ;)

There's too many memories to share, and honestly, there are many of them I'd like to keep between us. You know, like the saying goes, "What happens in Cabo...Stays in Cabo..." or actually, the gentleman that greeted us at our hotel said, "What happens in Cabo...Gets uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..." Lol yeah, he was right for the most part.

We started the first day of this trip meeting at Ashley's at 6:30 AM {YUP} waiting for the shuttle. After some delicious fruit, muffins, coffee... it was mimosa time & before you knew it, we were heading to the airport.

Of course we had to keep the party going - we were all so excited for this trip - so naturally we had a few drinks at the airport, [Tried] to sleep on the plane and that was it.

We were in Cabo!!

Here's a list of events we did for the entirety of the trip:

First Day -

  • Checked into our hotel - The Rui Palace - give this place a look, it's absolutely gorgeous + all inclusive!

First Night -

  • Went to The Office - A mexican restaurant on the beach with quite a view :)
  • Checked out the club inside the hotel
  • Went to Squid Roe inside of town

Second Day -

  • Laid out by the pool - drank tequila - soaked up some rays

Second Night -

  • Went to the Japanese restaurant inside the hotel
  • Went back to Squid Roe
  • Checked out Mandala night club (Next to Squid Roe)

Third Day -

  • Laid out by the pool some more, enjoying our last day at the hotel

Third Night -

  • Took a booze cruise, Big Mike Sea Adventure, around El Arco - breathtaking experience, highly recommend. Not to mention we had the ship to ourselves! (Click link here to check out the facebook page).
  • Ate at a restaurant in the town that had an outdoor patio.
  • Danced the night away at Cabo Wabo

Fourth Day -

  • On our last day we decided to hit the beach and pool one last time and then catch our flight.

Over all, the town, the people, our group, the entire experience was one for the books. Now that we're tanned and well rested, we're all ready for the next steps; Bridal Shower and of course the BIG DAY! I'm beyond happy that my roomie, my best, someone I've been through so much with - is tying the knot! :)

Cheers to love and future adventures!

Xo Sam